CG-Wireless has internal laboratory facilities to carry out research and development  in radio frequency.

  • Test, measurements, Electronic simulations:

Oscilloscopes, power supplies, multi-meters, probe logical analysis.
Thermal Drying oven EMC -40 °, + 150 ° C
RF circuit analysis: KeySight / Genesys

  •  RF & Microwave:

Power-meter 18 GHz,
Noise source 18GHz.
Vector network analyzer up to 8GHz
Vector spectrum analyzer up to 13GHz
Spectrum analyzer up to 26GHz
RF generator up to 20 GHz

  • Other:

Low noise amplifiers, wideband amplifiers, filters, etc …

  • Network and protocol Analysis:

RF Network Analysers : ZigBee, Thread, etc..
Bus protocols Analysers

  • Embedded Software Development:

IAR Suite C / C ++ compiler for ARM
KEIL Suite C / C ++ compiler for ARM
GCC Compiler for ARM
Qt developments for boards or product testing
Real Time Operating systems

  •  PCB Design:

 CADENCE OrCAD PCB Designer Suite

 Laboratory equipped with a mini reflow oven for rapid prototyping